The first step to an envisioned future

With skilled precision resin cutting as our core technology, we consistently perform processing and assembly according to our customer's preferences and strive to respond speedily to small-lot manufacturing.

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support of Sunshine Crafts Co., Ltd.

At Sunshine Crafts, for the last 40 years we have been making every effort to support the development of new products that will further the Japanese manufacturing industry. Our lifestyles have changed considerably in this time, smartphones have become essential items, and cars once fueled by fossil fuels now run on electric motors. Even within these dramatic shifts, we at Sunshine Crafts have felt the magnanimous support from many people who have continued to walk alongside us.

Started in 1982 in a rental factory located in Suma Ward, Kobe City, the manufacturing of Sunshine Crafts has been able to expand to our current head office factory. We are determined to repay the kindness that has been given to us over the years by continuing to put our customers first, and by providing stronger support for manufacturing both in Japan and around the world.

Additionally, our efforts to train new technicians and pass on the advanced technology and techniques we have cultivated will become an important bridge to the future. We are constantly striving to be a company that contributes back to society by promoting a friendly rivalry between skilled engineers and the young people who will be responsible for the future of manufacturing in order to help them spread their wings as human resources.

It is a critical moment for manufacturing in Japan. Countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia have fully equipped themselves to compete on a global standard, surpassing the United States, Europe, and Japan. At Sunshine Crafts, in accordance with the “Number 1 spirit for all” mentality that we’ve held since establishment, we intend to continue creating products that are ahead of the times. And, as is the essence of Japanese manufacturing, we will continue to challenge the rest of the world by with our original prototype manufacturing technology.
We ask for your continued support of Sunshine Crafts Co., Ltd. into the future and beyond.

Representative Director and President Tuyoshi Yamamoto

Company Name Sunshine Crafts
Location 〒652-0047
6-2-13 Shimosawadori, Hyogo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo
TEL:+81-78-531-4600 FAX:078-531-4601
Established September 1982
Capital 5,000,000 yen
Officer Chairman of the Board Akira Goido
Representative Director and President Tuyoshi Yamamoto
Director Naoki Uchiyama
Director Hiroshi Goido
Employees 19
Main Bank Hyogo Kenshin Kumiai Ohashi Branch
History September 1982 Shou Goido establishes Sunshine Crafts in Chitosecho, Suma Ward, Kobe City
January 1995 Company moves to Hyogo Ward following the Kobe Awaji Earthquake
March 1998 Head office moved to current location (Shimosawadori, Hyogo Ward)
October 2007 Company name changed to Sunshine Crafts Co., Ltd.
June 2022 Head office factory Largescale renewal

Business Contents

  • ■Manufacture of resin prototype products
  • ■Simple mold molding prototype production
  • ■Vacuum casting prototype manufacturing
  • ■Painting processing (silk printing, laser marking)
  • ■Non-metallic machining
  • ■Part sub-ASSY assembly
  • ■Small-lot mass production (resin processing, simple mold products)
  • ■Additional machining of resin molded products
  • Inspection and delivery of product 3D data provided by customers

Main Customers (Titles omitted)

  • Denso Ten Limited
  • Mizuta Seisakusho, Inc
  • Elematec Corporation
  • Denso Ten Technosepta Limited
  • Hanshin Co., Ltd.
  • Kobelco Inspection & Service Co., Ltd.
  • Fujitsu Tokki Systems Limited